The Bands

Basement City

Drawing inspiration from multiple influences found in classic rock, indie rock and garage rock – as well as R&B and jazz – Basement City has managed to concoct a unique sound through a blend of multiple musical personalities. With snappy guitars, indulgent vocals, lush bass and primal drums, Basement City brings a distinctive and complex energy to every song.


Shannon and Brendan Beresford

Shannon and Brendan Beresford are a brother and sister country music duo from Aurora, Ontario. Their debut EP skyrocketed to #4 on the Canadian iTunes Country charts during its release in June of 2017. With new music on the way for summer 2018 and festival season in full effect, you won’t want to miss these two. They are so excited to be back on the bill for this year’s festival.


Bernadette Connors

Bernadette is a singer/songwriter, performer, and vocal coach from Keswick. Ont. She’s been performing and sharing music for her entire life with her mom, dad, and three older brothers. Bernadette continues to write, record, and perform new music, so be sure to stay tuned for new music releases in the future.


Big Shiny 90’s

Big Shiny ’90s were formed from a shared love for the music of the 1990s. Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, Rage Against the Machine, and Lenny Kravitz are just some of the artists that Neil, Craig, Scott, and Mike grew up listening to. Big Shiny ’90s play a collection of some of your most loved songs as well as a few you won’t believe you forgot about.


Carly Rita

Carly Rita is a singer songwriter from the greater Toronto area, with a blues, rock and alternative style. Carly’s musical influences include Amy Winehouse, The Black Keys and Green Day. Carly has performed in talent competitions, shows, private functions, festivals, open mics, and showcases, and has performed and been interviewed on a live television show.


Cory Feigen

Cory Feigen’s acoustic bluesy riffs, close-to-heart lyrics, and pop-like melodies are primed to attract the likes of music lovers from a wide range of genres. With musical influences including Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Grateful Dead, and John Mayer; Cory is able to draw influence from artists with diverse musical backgrounds and use it to his advantage to create a unique brand of music.



We strive to be a charitable and environmentally conscious band, doing all we can to give back. Since day one, we’ve understood that if we ever became a successful band, it was because of others. So its only fair that we share our success with everyone and help those who really need it. Hope you like our music and thanks for the support.


Grass Grows Back

Grass Grows Back is a three-piece soul-rock band active in Toronto, Ontario. Originating from the Holland Marsh, the Grass has grown past their rural town boundaries and is now spreading their sound throughout the city. Jefferson, George, and Jones have been playing together for over 3 years and each member brings their own dynamics and versatility to the group.


Good Little Robot

Jay Dee Band

Jay Dee is an indie/folk singer/songwriter from Richmond Hill as well as an elementary school teacher. The Jay Dee Band won first place for the 2016 Toronto Open Mic Contest and have done a variety of concerts and events in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Stouffville.


Laurelle Augustyn

Laurelle Augustyn is a singer-songwriter from Stouffville, Ontario who performs regularly within York Region and the GTA. Her debut album, “Lullaby”, produced by Kevin Ker of Epidemic Music Group, was released in March 2018. Blending elements of folk, roots and rock music, Laurelle’s songs are intimate and soulful with strong vocals and a rockin’ band.


Sarah Fazackerley

Sarah Fazackerley is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter based in Whitby, ON. After recovering from a life-threatening battle with addictions and mental illness, she erupted onto the GTA music scene 5 years ago, singing, playing, writing, and forming a band called Mayfly’s Landing.


Stephen Stanley Band

As a founding father of Canadian band The Lowest of the Low, Stephen Stanley gave his guitar, voice, heart, soul, and yes, butt, to Shakespeare My Butt, a “17-song opus about life, love, loss, literature and labour politics which occupies hallowed ground for music fans and musicians alike”  (Chart Attack) and was “one of the biggest-selling independent albums ever released in Canada” (All Music Guide).


Tone Dogs

The Tone Dogs will shuffle their way into your soul right from the opening chord. The band is dedicated to the authenticity of its sound. What makes them different is the clean vintage sound they grind out of gear that is older than most people who come out to see them. Even the bartenders and bouncers smile as if they have stumbled onto the hippest gig on the planet!


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